The recruitment process revolution

Transforming recruitment through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We predict performance

We increase the quality of your hiring and eliminate unnecessary biases.

You will have candidates with a better fit with the position

Better candidate and employer brand experience

Through games, your candidates will have a better experience when applying for a position. We also send them feedback on their performance.

Greater efficiency in time and contracting costs

Reduce time to identify the best candidates. If it is 1 or 1000, you will evaluate everyone equally.

Transform your selection process

Identify the ideal Genoma

We clone the working genoma of companies' top performers.

Using artificial intelligence, we detect the key factors that predict the candidates performance on a specific position.

The candidates play

Invite your candidates to play online games.

That way we check cognitive competence and personality traits that let us predict future performance.

Video Interview

Meet the applicants in less time.


Video interview are the part of the process where we evaluate cultural fit, motivation or language proficiency.

Choose the greatest

Get a ranking of all applicants, identifying who are the best fit for the position.

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Los Militares 5885, of 703.

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