Artificial Intelligence to hire

the best talents

Genoma is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that detects the personality traits and cognitive skills from your candidates, comparing them to your company's greatest performers.

Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence's power to identify thousands of variables that define your best talents for each position of your company.

This way you generate the ideal Genoma. This Genoma is the set of personality, cognitive and emotional traits that your best performers in the position share.

People Analytics

We use in neuroscience-based online games and a personality quiz to get your candidates information and assess them in an objective way.

The traits sought in the candidates are different for each position. This can be defined based on your company's best performers genoma or previously chosen skills expected for the position.

Science based

Genomawork uses a set of scientifically valid assessment tools from behavioral neuroscience, that get thousands of variables, letting us identify cognitive, personality and emotional traits such as planning skills, working memory, impulsiveness, extroversion, risk taking, among others.

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Los Militares 5885, of 703.

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