Recruitment processes of many companies rely on biased data, like the candidates networks, the schools they attended or even the place in the society they are coming from. In many cases, outdated tests are used to predict their future performance.

At Genomawork we believe it's possible to change this unfair situation designing new, innovative hiring methods through technology.

We want to make companies focus their hiring decisions on objective and unbiased data, in order to have the best talent.


In addition, we help people find their ideal jobs, allowing them to identify their strengths and main characteristics.

Además, ayudamos a las personas a encontrar sus trabajos ideales, permitiéndoles identificar sus fortalezas y principales características.

Our motivation

Help people being happy at their jobs, letting them identify their strengths and main traits. 

Our dream is to level the play field when it comes to landing

a job.

We believe that technology can lead big changes.

We are convinced that science in the workplace can help us build a better world.

Help companies to improve their recruitment and hiring processes using technology and data for better decision making.

Each one of our actions is made with the purpose of improve this situation in Latin America and the whole world.

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Los Militares 5885, of 703.

Santiago, Chile